Louise Roberts and Merrill Berge at the Farmer’s Market

In the past, there was money to improve our freeways, imported water to tap into and ag lands throughout Southern California.  Now, government funds for freeway expansion are nonexistent, imported water is restricted and expensive,  and local ag land is a rare sight.

Large-scale developments impact our quality of life now and forever in the future.  We feel that it is critical that our Community understand all the impacts and implications of proposed developments, to make informed, responsible, community-wide decisions.


 CSG Board Members

The Camarillo Sustainable Growth Board is comprised of 7 members representing a wide cross-section of our community and over 3,300 supporters.

Merrill Berge:
CSG founder, small landscape business owner, mother of two, Merrill and her husband, Jay, moved to Camarillo for the rural, small town quality of life found in Camarillo. Merrill is a graduate of the Ventura County Leadership Academy, Cohort 16 (2009-10), participated an 8 week Community Planning Course sponsored by CLU and the Central Coast Planning Association, is currently a member of the Ag Futures Alliance and serves on their Land Use Committee, and regularily attends the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee.

Tad Dougherty:
Previously Navy Operations Officer at Pt. Mugu and airport manager at both Camarillo and Oxnard Airport facilities. Camarillo resident since 1986. Tad and his wife reside in Woodside Greens neighborhood.

Dr. F. Joseph (Joe) Halcomb, III:
Private equity investor with distinguished career as an executive at companies in the medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sector. He is very active in the local community and holds leadership roles in a number of non-profit organizations. He and his wife, Joani, have been residents of Camarillo for 22 years.

Bob Merrilees:
Retired Air Traffic Controller, former Marine and commercial pilot who has worked as an Operations Analyst in Silicon Valley and abroad. Bob and his wife reside in Camarillo Springs.

Deborah Parker:
Attorney working in Camarillo, whose areas of practice include environmental and non-profit law. Members of Deborah’s family have lived in Camarillo for over 30 years. Deborah and her husband settled here to be near their family and to enjoy the beautiful setting.

Louise Roberts:
Retired Special Education Teacher. Louise has been working to preserve and protect Camarillo’s unique rural setting, so that her children and grandchildren (who live in Camarillo) will have the same quality of life she has enjoyed as a resident for the past 30 years. Louise lives in Camarillo with her husband Mike.

Mike Roberts:
Employed at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for 27 years. After working and living in the San Fernando Valley for many years he truly appreciates the rural nature of Camarillo and is working to keep it that way. He lives in Camarillo with his wife Louise.

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