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Letters to the Editor – VC Star

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March 26, 2014

Missing goals

I attended the Camarillo City Council meeting March 11 and found something quite disturbing.

In 2013, the City Council had four objectives under the Land Use and Transportation goal: “It is the goal of the City Council to plan appropriate land uses, streets, bikeways, infrastructure and transit system.”

This year, not a single objective in the goals and objectives was listed.

This omission, with recent amendments to the Camarillo general plan, raises a lot of red flags for me since the council appears to be proceeding with rampant development.

In light of all the developments discussed, planned and approved, I would urge all residents to take an interest in the council’s activities and do our best to preserve our beautiful city.

Remember Camarillo’s motto, “The People are the City.” Let’s hold the council to our motto.

-Marjorie Lorraine, Camarillo

  Camarillo growth

April 4, 2014

Re: Marjorie Lorraine’s March 26 letter, “Missing goals”: Our Camarillo City Council has given up on any reasonable goals and objectives for land use. It just wants to build.

Council members have publicly congratulated themselves on the massive amount of development they already have approved and projects just waiting to be built. Santa Ana/San Fernando Valley — here we come.

Over the last few years, City Council and staff have been systematically changing and/or removing any language in the city’s general plan that might be viewed as a restriction on, or a hindrance to, further development. Like ship captains of old, they’ve been “clearing the deck” for action.

The council won’t have to wait long. Next up for consideration and approval: Changing the zoning on the agricultural land at the foot of the Conejo Grade and the associated proposal to pave it over with the 2,500-home Conejo Creek development.

Great, there are thousands of homes and multiple projects already approved for building. We already are being asked to conserve water. Traffic on Highway 101 is a nightmare. The Navy base has enjoyed, up to now, not being encroached upon.

The City Council’s response to all that? Let’s “clear the decks,” build more and make everything worse. I do believe, at one point, the City Council used to truly care about our quality of life. Now, besides goals and objectives, looks like it has given up on that, too. It’s time for change on the City Council. We need fresh ideas and a new direction.

-Tad Dougherty, Camarillo


 April 4, 2014

Base encroachment                                                                                                  

Re: your March 30 article, “Growing pains”: The article certainly highlighted the problems that developments such as the proposed Conejo Creek development could cause for Naval Base Ventura County, our county’s No. 1 employer.

This project (between Highway 101 and Pleasant Valley Road on 740 acres of prime farmland) would put 2,500 housing units and 54 acres of office and commercial space within 1,500 feet of the NBVC inbound flight path, at the point where jets rev their engines to adjust flaps and lower landing gear.

I lived in the Woodside Greens neighborhood, which is directly under the Runway 21 approach path, for 35 years. I know firsthand how incredibly loud the military jets and cargo planes are.

The proposed Conejo Creek development would put more than 6,600 residents at risk. Noise complaints could threaten the long-term viability of our NBVC operations.

We have seen the results of encroachment on other bases around the country.

The Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) military downsizing process could have a devastating effect on our county and our country.

The less development encroachment, the greater our county’s chance of protecting more than 17,000 jobs.

-Louise Roberts, Camarillo

                                                                                                                April 5, 2014

Negative impact

Re: your March 30 article, “Growing pains”: Thanks to Google Earth, documenting the proximity of aircraft flight paths to future development (as well as to the existing community) is no longer limited to the realm of analysts and cartographers.

Runway 21 is the primary landing runway at Point Mugu because of the prevailing winds. If one extends a line (the “final approach course”) along the center of that runway, easily visible in Google Earth, from the southwest end (the Runway 3 end) northeast until it intersects Highway 101, one can see the encroachment issue “loud and clear.”

The Conejo Creek developers propose to build 2,500 homes on the 750 now-agricultural acres about 1,500 feet east of this line. What’s worse, these residents would be closer to the final approach fix (FAF) than any existing housing.

The FAF is the point at which pilots extend their landing gear and add power to compensate for the increased drag on the aircraft. That is the surge of power we hear echoing offConejo Mountain. I have measured this sound at the intersection of Calleguas Creek and Pleasant Valley Road using an (uncalibrated) iPhone app, and it peaked at 110 decibels.

The bottom line is that building housing in such proximity to Point Mugu will result in an adversarial environment to which the Navy will, if history is any indicator, eventually succumb. This is why it is imperative we recognize the consequences of development encroachment upon NBVC sooner rather than too late.

Robert Merrilees, Camarillo

Important to You?

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Preserving our “farmland of statewide importance” depends on those who care.
Now is the last chance for your 2013 tax-deductible donation.

Thank-you to all who have already contributed to saving the 740 acres of fertile farmland at the bottom of the Conejo Grade.  You have helped to ensure our unique Camarillo quality of life!

To all those still considering a donation…know that the City continues to press forward on the massive Conejo Creek project of 2,500 residential units and 1.3 million square feet of industrial development…on this beautiful piece of farmland.
There is no other decision that will affect our hometown and your quality of life more.

41,000 added daily car trips will mean horrific TRAFFIC on the Grade.  
6,600 added residents will impact our scarce WATER supply and increase our rates.  
All this, while our farmland continues to vanish.

100% of your contribution funds legal representation and consultants working on our behalf, as well as  community outreach. We have been hard at work (all-volunteer) to save this precious piece of land. 

How important is our “farmland of statewide importance” to you?  

To make a PayPal donation go to:  Camarillo Sustainable Growth or hit the green Donate button

Checks payable to Camarillo Sustainable Growth. 
can be sent to:
P.O. Box 782, Camarillo, CA 93011.
Please include your First and Last Name, Address and Email
Your tax-deductible receipt will be sent by email.
Tax-exempt ID number: C3308123

Your contribution will help to remind the Camarillo City Council of their official motto “The People are The City”.

Our Farmland, Pave it or Save it?

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gateway_picThe 740 acres of our prime farmland at the bottom of the Conejo Grade is still being considered for the massive Conejo Creek project of 2,500residential units and 1.3 million square feet of industrial development.  The City Council has yet to vote on this project…your input andcontinued support is vital to our ongoing efforts.

Unless we stand-up to protect our quality of life, TRAFFIC will get worse and our WATER more expensive while our farmland continues to vanish.
We have been hard at work on your behalf to save this precious piece of land (see below for details). 
100% of your contribution goes to community outreach and to fund legal representation and consultants to ensure that the Conejo Creek project’s impacts are completely disclosed and our concerns taken seriously.

This all-volunteer effort, bare-bones operation, needs your support through this incredibly important, but long, drawn-out effort.  

To make a PayPal donation click on the green DONATE NOW button

Checks payable to Camarillo Sustainable Growth.                                                                                                                         can be sent to P.O. Box 782, Camarillo, CA 93011.

Please include your First and Last Name, Address and Email
Your tax-deductible receipt will by sent by email.
Tax-exempt ID number: C3308123

What we accomplished in 2013

  • In Camarillo Springs over 100 residents attended a meeting about the Conejo Creek development organized by the “Save Our Springs” community group
  • Leisure Village organized a forumon the proposed Conejo Creek project which drew over 200 attendees
  • The Santa Rosa MAC and the Somis MAC invited us to speak about the increased traffic on their area roadways as the 101 Freeway reaches a Level of Service “F”
  • Impacts of Conejo Creek development slideshow illustrating traffic, ag land loss, NBVC impacts and Bailey earthquake fault line through project area                                                                      


  • Ventura County Star Op-Ed published concerning developments approved by Camarillo and Oxnardand the increased traffic congestion on our 101 freeway corridor                                                
  • A VC Reporter cover storyDestination Nowhere – Ventura County’s mounting traffic nightmare”
  • Two Planning Commission Hearings filled to overflowing
  • Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) Joint Land Use Study Community Input meeting attended by over 100
Legal representation:
  • Environmental Defense Center reviewed the Draft Environmental Impact Report findings and requested the recirculation of several sections due to the endangered female steelhead trout found heading upstream to spawn in the Conejo Creek   

What we are planning in 2014

Continuing to keep you updated on the following already-approved developments:

  • Springville farmland begins to fill with 1350 apartments and condos                  
  • Village at the Park adds 200+ homes
  • Fairfield Realty develops 722 apartment units on the old Imation site
  • Funding the Environmental Defense Center and their experts who are working on our behalf as the Conejo Creek development continues to be considered
  • Creating a “Pave it  or Save it?” video focusing on traffic and preserving our farmland for future generations
  • Ongoing participation in the NBVC Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) regarding development encroachment that would affect the Base, Ventura County’s #1 employer
  • “Filling every seat, every time” for the Draft Environmental Impact Report and Conejo Creek Specific Plan City Council and Planning Commission Hearings

Your contribution will help to remind the Camarillo City Council of their official motto“The People are The City”.

Naval Base Ventura County needs our input, development encroachment impacts our Base

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An important opportunity for us to express how we feel about the proposed Conejo Creek development’s impact on Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) is coming up this Tuesday, September 19, 2013 at the Camarillo Library at 6:30 pm.

Click on this link to view entire post: Naval Base Ventura County JLUS

Preview of “Untitled”

Steelhead found, Springville breaking ground, Conejo Creek update

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Click on this link to read the full post: Steelhead found, Springville breaking ground, Conejo Creek update


CA dept of Fish & Wildlife -.4

VC Star Guest Commentary

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Merrill's Guest Column p.1Merrill's Guest Column p.2

Merrill's Guest Column p.3

New Slide Gallery / View the impacts of the proposed Conejo Creek Development

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01_8413821535_l.jpgClick on picture to view the impacts that the develoment would have on the city of Camarillo and all of Ventura County

Mtgs.New High School/Camarosa Rate Hike/EIR postponed

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  • Conejo Creek development EIR HEARING POSTPONED until Spring


  •  NEW HIGH SCHOOL community hearings re: alternative sites Thursday, February 7th




First,  the Conejo Creek EIR Hearing scheduled for Feb. 19th has been postponed. The response to the over 500 comments received by the City will now be presented in March or April.  We will keep you posted.

Secondly, this link Camarillo Acorn – Alternative Sites will update you on the latest alternative sites for the New High School being considered.   The following meetings are scheduled for reviewing and taking public comment on the alternative sites for the new high school:

~ Thursday, February 7th at 6:30pm in the ACHS library – 4660 Mission Oaks Blvd.

~ Wednesday, February 27th the Oxnard High School District Board will take public comments and accept or reject the alternative school site analysis.

We certainly hope that you will be able to attend one or both of these important meetings.


In addition, the Camrosa Water District (covering Santa Rosa Valley, Mission Oaks, Leisure Village, Camarillo Springs among others) will be holding a proposed rate increase informational meeting:

~ Tuesday, February 19th at Tierra Linda School.

Camrosa is the water district for the proposed Conejo Creek development.  How would an additional 2,500 homes and 1.3 million square feet of industrial development impact future rates?   Would this increase the amount of water we import, or pump from our local aquifers, to supply this development?

And last but certainly not least, this link  Camarillo Acorn –  Council says no to land-use changes  reports on the Camarillo City Council’s vote on the annual consideration of new General Plan Amendments (which allows new development projects to continue on “for study” or not).


The two parcels being considered were smaller infill projects.  Both of these were denied.  The reasons were proximity to the 101 freeway, adjacent industrial development and other projects already in the planning process. All reasons that would also apply to the proposed Conejo Creek development.


So our community’s empty lots sit waiting for infill development, while a 2,500 unit development, next to the 101 Freeway, surrounding a large industrial area is being considered, and the 1,350 unit Springville development has yet to be built. 



Conejo Creek Year in Review, 2013 the Year Ahead

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As we count our blessings, remember our fertile farmlands filled with crops and the beauty that surrounds us. 


With your help, 2012 has been quite a year!

  • A 120 page Comment Letter on the Conejo Creek Environmental Impact Report submitted to the Planning Commission.  (This allows for future legal action should the City Council ignore the wishes of the community).

  • City Hall Chambers filled to overflowing with supporters and speakers for 2 Planning Commission Hearings. 

  • The proposed Conejo Creek development became a City Council Election campaign issue.

  • Your contributions went directly towards Experts and the Legal Expertise needed to address the issues.

In 2013, after several more hearings, the proposed Conejo Creek project will be approved, or not.

Your presence at each Hearing,

Your financial contributions to our ongoing efforts,

And your commitment to protecting our unique Camarillo quality-of-life 

will make all the difference.

Our quality-of-life is at stake! 100% of your financial contributions support our efforts.  We have NO paid staff.  Our resources have gone and will continue to go to obtain the expertise and legal help needed to keep you informed of the issues. Click here to DONATE NOW

Our 2013 motto:

Fill every seat,

at every Hearing,

every time!


February 19th at 7:30 pm

Camarillo City Hall, 60l Carmen Dr

Final EIR presentation and comments to the Planning Commission


Support our efforts:  We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization so your entire donation is tax deductible.  Donate today at:  Camarillo Sustainable Growth

What happened at the Hearing?

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Naval Base Ventura County – topic of the Hearing

Here you can see why…

300 acres of the Conejo Creek development are within the Military Influence Area buffer zone, and adjacent to the Runway 21 inbound flight path

A personal letter from retired Commander Capt. Mc Hugh was presented to the Commissioners.  This letter outlined the importance of the Base to our area…the 19,000 employees and the $1.9 Billion NBVC pumps into our economy through subcontractors and supply acquisitions…and the key role encroachment prevention plays in keeping our Base viable, especially with Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) anticipated, due to military budget cuts.  Click here to read the letter.

Other speaker topics included:

~ growth of CSUCI (eventually to be 15,000 students and nearly that many in staff/support personnel) not addressed in EIR

~ businesses and people leaving CA – is a large development like this a risky long-term commitment considering the future outlook for the State?

~ Camarillo Springs access and public safety issues – large contingency from the Save Our Springs group represented

~ The line everyone will remember: “Adolpho Camarillo should be riding a house, not a horse, in that city logo!

Special thanks to the 350 + residents who attended this Hearing

REMEMBER: It is up to each one of us…your participation through this series of Hearings is so very important in determining the future of our community.

Next Hearing to be held Feb. 19, 2013…when the comments received will be addressed in the Final EIR.

Read the Camarillo Star coverage of the Hearing here.



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