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Come Hear the Latest / Conejo Creek Hearing Tomorrow

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“The People Are The City” but only if we all participate!

We will have tables set up outside the City Council Chambers like last time.

City comment cards will be available for those who want to either speak or submit written comments regarding the Conejo Creek Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

We have prepared comments, based on the EIR, that you can read or use for ideas if you so choose.

It is not necessary for you to speak at the hearing.  The important thing is to show up, and encourage as many people as you can to attend.

See you Tuesday night, come early!


Tomorrow- Tuesday

December 4th


Camarillo City Hall

601 Carmen Dr

Conejo Creek Hearing – Let’s do it Again!

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Planning Commission Public Hearing Continuation

Conejo Creek Development

Draft Environmental Impact Report

 Our Camarillo  future is being decided now…

We must fill every seat

Every time,

At every hearing




This coming Tuesday

December 4th


Camarillo City Hall

601 Carmen Dr

  Come on down, one and all – fill a seat at City Hall!

The first Planning Commission Hearing in September was filled to overflowing…it is so important to keep showing up.

Do we want a huge (double the size of Village at the Park) dense (1,400 of the 2,500 residential units would be two and three story multi-family condos and apartments) filling our local farmland?

Do we want our ONLY major north/south transportation corridor to be the worst “Level of Service F“, and constantly congested?

Do we want our largest area employer, Naval Base Ventura County, put at risk of development encroachment and downsizing?

Do we want the tax costs and liability of flooding and flood control into eternity?

Several hearings over the next year will decide whether the Conejo Creek development is approved to proceed, or not!

“The People are The City” is Camarillo’s motto…but only if we fill the seats and support those who speak!

 Your attendance sends a powerful message

Now going forward………..

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Congratulations to Bill Little and Kevin Kildee

As members of the City Council they will be voting to approve, or not approve, the proposed Conejo Creek development this coming Spring, 2013.  3 out of the 5 council members will decide what our Camarillo community will become in the near future.

Both candidates expressed “major, major concerns” about the Conejo Creek Environmental Impact Report (EIR)…but with the vote being 6 months away, it is important that the Planning Commission and the City Council members continue to hear from you.

Our Camarillo City Motto:  “The People are the City” 

Next Hearing: Tuesday, Dec. 4th @ 7:30pm in the City Hall Council Chambers

The first Hearing had an overflow crowd…another extra-large crowd would send a serious message.

Thank-you for all your support!!

Speaking of which, we so appreciate your response to our fund raising appeal.  Your contributions make these ongoing communications and our continuing research possible.   They also help to pay off our debt to the experts and legal team who submitted a 120 page Comment Letter on our behalf during the first Planning Commission hearing.  Hit the Donate button to help the effort!

Next Newsletter topic:                                                                                                                                       What is the new Springville area along our 101 corridor (north of Las Posas) going to look like?

  • 3-story 375 unit Apartment Complex
  • 3-story 163 unit Condominiums
  • Pictures and plans




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We’ve gotten the proposed Conejo Creek development out in front of the public but… OUR FUNDS HAVE BEEN DEPLETED

The Conejo Creek development is now being scrutinized by agencies, other cities, Camarillo City staff and Planning Commission…as well as the public!

But those efforts have come at a cost (in particular, the expert analysis of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which resulted in a 120 page comment letter submitted by the Environmental Defense Center on our behalf).

Frankly, we are now in debt…..about $5,000 as of this writing

WE NEED to pay off this debt and build a fund to continue our work as this Conejo Creek proposal moves forward – ultimately to the City Council, Spring 2013


  • JOIN US at the December 4th continuation of the EIR hearing and subsequent City Council hearings on this proposal.  The City needs to SEE that the public continues to be concerned.


  1. Mail your check along with your email address to:  Camarillo Sustainable Growth, P.O. Box 782, Camarillo, 93011
  2. Or, go to the Tax-Exempt Donations Page to use PayPal on our secure website at:

We can send you your tax-deductible receipt and keep you posted if you send us your email.

We are a Non-profit 501(c)(3)      Tax-exempt ID number: C3308123

Your contributions go directly towards our work educating the Camarillo community (presentations, website content, information materials, postage, printing, supplies) and engaging experts to analyze and comment on the development documents. Camarillo Sustainable Growth is an all-volunteer effort dedicated to keeping our economy, our natural resources and our quality of life in balance.


  •  To the 350-plus citizens attended the September 18th Planning commission public hearing on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  •  To the 40 individuals who provided testimony regarding the draft EIR or their views about this project, and an even greater number of written submissions
  • To all who have participated in the process by sharing your views with friends, co- workers, and elected officials
  • To all those who have provided financial support for our efforts


Where do the candidates for the City Council stand?

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Watch a segment of the video filmed at the Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum held on September 19, 2012.  The Council Member candidates reply to a question regarding their philosophy on development, traffic, and growth.  Watch it  HERE.

Last Night’s Hearing Re: Conejo Creek Development

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It was a fabulous hearing in front of the Planning Commission.  Over 300 people packed the Council Chambers and filled the lobby.  The overflow had to stand outside to watch the TV that was set up there to accommodate the large crowd.

Every single person who spoke (except for the project manager) was against this proposed development.  There was not a single supporter.  The citizens’ gave great heartfelt testimony regarding their concerns and objections about the draft Environmental Impact Report and about this massive project.

The Environmental Defense Center legal team did a magnificent job of summarizing the 120+ page comment letter that they submitted on our behalf.  The hearing had to be continued to December 4th so that the Planning Commission could continue hearing testimony.  We will be posting video segments from last night’s hearing, so stay tuned.

Read the coverage here

Let’s show ’em Tuesday night-“The People are the City”

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This is our first chance to show the city how we feel.

  • We will be there!
  • Our legal team will be there!
  • We need you there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7:30 p.m.

City Hall Chambers

601 Carmen Drive


Use the approach from Trader Joe’s due to construction on the corner of Carmen and Ponderosa.


Important Conejo Creek Public Hearing

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IMPORTANT Conejo Creek Planning Commission Public Hearing

Tuesday 9/18/12  7:30pm at City Hall



Is the 740 acres of farmland at the bottom of the Conejo Grade
to become the proposed Conejo Creek project of 2,500 residential units (over 1500 to be multi-family 18+ units/acre) and 100+ acres of industrial development?


This is an IMPORTANT HEARING leading up to the crucial final vote of the city council, which we predict will be sometime in the Spring.

Now is the time to voice your concern to the Planning Commission.


  • The Environmental Defense Center lawyers will be presenting an overview of the DEIR comment document they have compiled.
  •  Even if you do not wish to speak, your presence is important to convey how important this matter is to all of us.
  • We will be there to help provide information.


Our Camarillo quality of life is at stake.



Remember the City of Camarillo’s motto:  “The People Are The City”…but only if we speak up now!


Fact of the Week #4: Banned Pesticides and School Playgrounds?

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Proposed Conejo Creek development and School Site


DDE and Toxaphene Pesticides  “Drift” and Proximity to Playgrounds

The Draft Environmental Impact Review (DEIR) found legacy pesticides “exceeding screening levels” on the school site for the proposed Conejo Creek Development (DEIR P. 4.8-12). DDE  is a form of DDT which is persistent in the environment and at least as toxic as DDT.   Toxaphene is also persistent in the environment and can be carried long distances in the air.  They both belong to the so-called “dirty dozen” list of very toxic substances. In 1990 both were banned for all uses in the United States.

Both DDE and Toxaphene combine strongly with soil particles.  As a result these compounds concentrate in sediments and can be transported from application sites as dust.  With the extensive dredging of the bypass channel (2 miles long, 300 foot wide, 10 – 20 foot deep), and 2 lakes (40 acres) and all the grading required to “lift” this area out of the floodplain, these airborne legacy pesticides could create the threat of pesticide drift exposure to adjacent Camarillo High School and nearby Rancho Rosal School.

In addition to the risk of toxic drift during construction there is the fact that this elementary or middle school site would be within one mile of the already existing Pancho Road industrial/manufacturing area.  Table 4.8-1 on page 4.8-7 (in the Environmental Impact Analysis section of the DEIR) lists all the hazardous material designations that are at these existing businesses.  The Conejo Creek Properties industrial development would surround and expand this existing area by 100+ acres…adding over 1 million square feet of industrial activity to this site.




FACT OF THE WEEK #3: Conejo Creek Wildlife Corridor

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Did you happen to read the Acorn article about the Mountain Lion Kittens?

Our local Conejo Creek is one of the few remaining undeveloped wildlife corridors offering safe passage under the 101 Freeway.

“Within the project site, Conejo and Calleguas Creeks serve as movement corridors through an otherwise predominately developed regional landscape.  In addition, Conejo Creek occurs along the western edge of a movement corridor identified by the South Coast Wildlands (Penrod, 2006) as an important linkage for wildlife movement through the region.  The linkage connects Point Mugu State Park to the Tierra Rejada Valley and encompasses Conejo Mountain and Mount Clef ridge.” DEIR 4.4-9

Undeveloped creek bed corridors are critical to the movement of species, so that isolated gene pools do not lead to inbreeding.  These kittens are in fact, the second documented case of first-order inbreeding (where the father lion mates with his female offspring).

In addition, “The limited amount of connectivity between remaining natural areas and the lack of effective wildlife crossings can lead to deadly conflicts over territory and road mortalities.”

Conejo Creek Wildlife Corridor

Conejo Creek Wildlife Corridor – Click to enlarge

No matter how much the Conejo Creek Specific Plan claims it will “improve” the wildlife corridor…construction, multifamily residences, pets, lights, and noise will effectively eliminate this critical 101 under-crossing for the wildlife in our local Santa Monica Mountains.





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