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FACT OF THE WEEK #2 Camarillo: From Rural to Urban?

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It is Up to You, Farmland and Green Fields or Rooftops and Asphalt?

From the Draft Environmental Impact Report –

Page 41.19  “When combined with future development under the General Plan, which would include up to 5,824 residential units and 2.98 million square feet of non­residential development, the Specific Plan would contribute toward creating a denser and more urban environment in Camarillo. Because the Specific Plan is located in the eastern gateway to the City via the main travel corridor, U.S. 101, it would also change the perceived character of the City from agricultural to more urban.”

Our Conejo “farmland view to the sea” to be filled with rooftops and asphalt?   Our freeways constantly filled with congestion?

“The People are the City” is the motto of Camarillo…  Your input now will determine what we become.

Share with neighbors and friends and get ready. 

What becomes of this land comes down to a vote of the City Council sometime this Spring.

From the Draft Environmental Impact Report

Page 4.1-17  “The proposed Specific Plan would change the existing rural scenic quality of the site to one of urban character (e.g., greater massing, density, building height, and paved areas, and less green space).”

FACT OF THE WEEK #1 Plan Gets an “F” for Traffic

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Our own carmageddon at the bottom of the Conejo Grade

FACT OF THE WEEK:  Proposed plan gets an “F” for its impact on freeway traffic in Camarillo

ADT– Average Daily Trips

LOS – Level of Service (A-F)


C – Acceptable level of service.

D – Speed and ability to maneuver is severely restricted by increasing density of vehicles.

E – Unstable traffic flow.  Speeds vary greatly and are unpredictable

F – Traffic flow is unstable, with brief periods of movement followed by forced stops.

The facts speak for themselves.

This table can be found in the Environmental Impact Analysis – Transportation and Circulation section of the DEIR on our website.

40,948 Additional Car Trips Per Day in Camarillo

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Click here to view the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Conejo Creek development on our website.


Click on this article to enlarge it or to print it to share with friends and neighbors.




July Newsletter

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Please click on the newsletter to download the full PDF version for viewing.

Finally, the Environmental Impact Report for Conejo Creek Properties will be released for review this month.   We have found excellent attorneys and experts who will help us at reduced costs (Environmental Defense Center).   But we do not have deep corporate “pockets”…YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION (green donate buttonwill work to help protect our unique Camarillo quality of life!

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A home-grown, farm-fed, grass-roots organization working to keep our resources and quality of life in balance.

Click to see Acorn Ad 6/22/12 – An Open Letter to the Citizens of Camarillo

Committed to responsibly participating in our City government process, Camarillo Sustainable Growth attended and spoke at 4 separated hearings concerning our Community Design Element, a section of Camarillo’s General Plan (our Constitution so to speak).

We also met with City Staff and submitted language that would recognize, protect and preserve the agricultural lands within our Community. The City Staff “reworked” our language so that the agricultural lands surrounding Camarillo were recognized…the agricultural lands within our City were not. This language was presented to the Planning Commission and approved.

Click here for Planning Commission approved changes.

These Planning Commission approved changes were then presented to the City Council. At the City Council Hearing it was decided to hold a Study Session on the recommended language changes. This Study Session was held in a conference room with approx. 10 City Staff representatives, the 5 City Council members and our CSG group of 5. We had to specifically request to be included in the Study Session, as it was not open to the public.

In this Study Session, the City Council reviewed the Planning Commission changes line-byline and deemed most of them “unnecessary”. In fact, not even the Agricultural/Open paragraph was kept in the overview of Camarillo land uses…even though Camarillo has 1200 acres zoned agricultural within our City, comprising 15% of our total area.

Click here to see the final version of the Community Design Element, pages 10 – 12 for the Land Use paragraphs.

The City Council will hold one final Community Design Element Hearing, Wednesday 6/27/12 at City Hall at 7:30 pm.

We must ask one another:


E-mail your City Council at to let them know how you feel.

“The People are The City”

If you would like to support our ongoing efforts, your tax-exempt donation can be made via Pay Pal by clicking here, or a check sent to our CSG, P.O. Box 782, Camarillo, CA 93011 address below. We will send a confirmation directly, from us to you.
To keep informed, your e-mail will be kept confidential when sent to: or the CSG Contact page is submitted. We only send important community information.

Thank-you for your interest and concern,
Merrill Berge
Camarillo Sustainable Growth
P.O. Box 782, Camarillo, CA 93011-0782
A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corp. 501 (c) (3)


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