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Conejo Creek Year in Review, 2013 the Year Ahead

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As we count our blessings, remember our fertile farmlands filled with crops and the beauty that surrounds us. 


With your help, 2012 has been quite a year!

  • A 120 page Comment Letter on the Conejo Creek Environmental Impact Report submitted to the Planning Commission.  (This allows for future legal action should the City Council ignore the wishes of the community).

  • City Hall Chambers filled to overflowing with supporters and speakers for 2 Planning Commission Hearings. 

  • The proposed Conejo Creek development became a City Council Election campaign issue.

  • Your contributions went directly towards Experts and the Legal Expertise needed to address the issues.

In 2013, after several more hearings, the proposed Conejo Creek project will be approved, or not.

Your presence at each Hearing,

Your financial contributions to our ongoing efforts,

And your commitment to protecting our unique Camarillo quality-of-life 

will make all the difference.

Our quality-of-life is at stake! 100% of your financial contributions support our efforts.  We have NO paid staff.  Our resources have gone and will continue to go to obtain the expertise and legal help needed to keep you informed of the issues. Click here to DONATE NOW

Our 2013 motto:

Fill every seat,

at every Hearing,

every time!


February 19th at 7:30 pm

Camarillo City Hall, 60l Carmen Dr

Final EIR presentation and comments to the Planning Commission


Support our efforts:  We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization so your entire donation is tax deductible.  Donate today at:  Camarillo Sustainable Growth

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