Zoning Map

This official zoning map of Camarillo shows the last two remaining pieces of agricultural land within the City of Camarillo…both pieces directly affected by Airport operations in our area.

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The Camarillo Airport is in bright blue to the left.  The large light green farmland parcel along Pleasant Valley Rd. lies directly underneath the inbound flight path (final approach course) for the Camarillo Airport.

Both the Camarillo Airport Runway 26 final approach course and the Runway 21 final approach course for the Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station, which are the primary runways for the respective facilities,  cross-over (“creating a mixing bowl effect” as the commander for the base described it) near the 740 acre light green agricultural area to the right on the map. See Naval Base Ventura County Section

This is the farmland at the bottom of the Conejo Grade, our Camarillo gateway view-to-the-sea as we come home down the Grade.  It is also the site of the proposed Conejo Creek Properties 2,500 home and 100+ acres of industrial development.

The Conejo Creek Properties area is within 1500 feet of the Pt. Mugu inbound runway centerline, at the point where the jets rev-up their engines to lower their landing gear, creating noise and safety concerns for both the Naval Base and for residents.

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