Conejo Creek Hearing – Let’s do it Again!

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Planning Commission Public Hearing Continuation

Conejo Creek Development

Draft Environmental Impact Report

 Our Camarillo  future is being decided now…

We must fill every seat

Every time,

At every hearing




This coming Tuesday

December 4th


Camarillo City Hall

601 Carmen Dr

  Come on down, one and all – fill a seat at City Hall!

The first Planning Commission Hearing in September was filled to overflowing…it is so important to keep showing up.

Do we want a huge (double the size of Village at the Park) dense (1,400 of the 2,500 residential units would be two and three story multi-family condos and apartments) filling our local farmland?

Do we want our ONLY major north/south transportation corridor to be the worst “Level of Service F“, and constantly congested?

Do we want our largest area employer, Naval Base Ventura County, put at risk of development encroachment and downsizing?

Do we want the tax costs and liability of flooding and flood control into eternity?

Several hearings over the next year will decide whether the Conejo Creek development is approved to proceed, or not!

“The People are The City” is Camarillo’s motto…but only if we fill the seats and support those who speak!

 Your attendance sends a powerful message

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