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What is an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)?

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is an informational document which provides public agencies and the general public with detailed information about the effect that a proposed project is likely to have on the environment. The EIR also lists the ways in which these environmental effects might be minimized and whether there are any alternatives to such a project.

General Concepts

The information within an EIR allows the decision-makers (the Planning Commission and/or the City Council) to make an informed decision when considering whether or not to approve a project. The report also assists with deciding if approval conditions are necessary. The ultimate decision to approve a project, however, remains with the decision-makers. When the Planning Commmission or City Council approves an EIR, it is simply an acknowledgement that the EIR is true and accurate. It is only a step towards project approval, not a guarantee. The Planning Commmission or City Council may decide to instead decide to approve or deny the project based on overriding condsiderations.

The term “environment” includes natural and man-made elements of our surroundings. This includes land, air, water, minerals, plants, animals and noise. It also includes things like historic buildings.

Decision-Making Process

The public has an opportunity to review and provide comments on a draft of an EIR by contacting, in writing, the planner listed on the EIR. Public input is then included in the EIR, and considered by the decision-makers along with other aspects of the report.

There may also be one or more meetings about the report, either as a separate meeting or as an item in a City Council agenda.

Note that approval of the environmental impact report does not mean that the project is approved. Once the report is approved, decision-makers review the project, taking into account the information in the report and other considerations.

The Draft Environment Impact Report (DEIR) for Conejo Creek Specific Plan

The DEIR has been released for public review and comment.

From Bob Burrow, Director of Community Development:  “Written comments on the DEIR are now being requested.  Public hearings will be scheduled on the DEIR following the close of the review period.  A separate review of the proposed applications for the General Plan Amendment and Specific Plan will be held either in concert with, or subsequent to the consideration of the DEIR.  You will be further notified of the public hearings before the Planning Commission and also the City Council at a later date.”Written comments can be submitted to:

Robert Burrow, AICP, Director, Department of Community Development
City of Camarillo
601 Carmen Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
FAX: (805) 388-5388
email: planningdept@ci.camarillo.ca.us

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