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Camarillo group hires Environmental Defense Center (EDC) to fight for wildlife, water and farms

EDC has been hired to stop the paving over of 740 acres of prime farmland for 2,400 tract houses and 1.5 million square feet of industrial buildings near the City of Camarillo in Ventura County. Dubbed the “Conejo Creek Properties Project,” this massive urban sprawl proposal would also build a huge, unnatural flood control channel along the entire length of the creek.

Camarillo Sustainable Growth (CSG) – a newly-formed group of Camarillo-area residents – is seeking to protect the community’s quality of life by preventing the traffic, crowding, pollution and noise the project would cause.

Over 3,000 homes are already approved or are in the pipeline within the City of Camarillo. These developments are generally located in more appropriate urban infill sites nearer urban services such as schools and shopping centers. Expanding the City’s urbanized area along scenic Conejo Creek is not necessary and would harm wildlife, pollute creek water and eliminate an important area for growing food for the community.

This type of development is unsustainable. We are working hard to preserve our local farmland so that future generations will have healthy, nutritious local food, and so we won’t have to import our food.

Conejo Creek is also one of the last corridors for wildlife such as mountain lions roaming between the coastal Santa Monica Mountains and the inland Los Padres National Forest. Without access to and from these areas, via Conejo Creek, the mountain lions and other animal species will likely disappear from coastal ranges, robbing our children and grandchildren of their natural heritage.

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