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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is the Conejo Creek Development?  It is a consortium of five landowners who own a combined 740 acres at the base of the Conejo Grade. They have applied for an amendment to the City of Camarillo General Plan to change the zoning of their property from  Agricultural to Residential, Industrial and Commercial.  It includes over 100 acres of industrial development and 2,500 housing units.

Is this land protected by the Save Open-Space and Agricultural Resources (SOAR) Initiative?  Yes and No.  440 acres are within the City limits and an additional 300 acres are within the Camarillo Urban Restriction Boundary (CURB) and so are not protected by a SOAR designation.  In addition, there are 105 acres in the Conejo Creek Study area which are outside the city limits and outside the CURB boundary and so are protected by SOAR. This parcel, owned and farmed by Midnight Sun, Inc., is critical to the development

Why is this parcel critical to the development? Conejo Creek (the stream) drains a large portion of eastern Ventura County and is prone to flooding. Flooding is what makes this prime farmland. A massive $20 million bypass channel would need to be dredged through the project and specifically through the Midnight Sun parcel to connect with Calleguas Creek.

Why was the Midnight Sun parcel included in the Initial Specific Plan and now is not? When the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the project was sent out, the Midnight Sun parcel property manager, UBS AgriVest LLC, specifically requested that this parcel “not be included in the EIR” and asked to be removed from the Conejo Creek Specific Plan.

If Midnight Sun wants to be left out of the equation what can the Conejo Creek developer do about it? We asked Bob Burrow, City of Camarillo Director of Community Development, that exact question. The developer can do nothing, but the City of Camarillo can annex the property into the City and then use itʼs power of eminent domain to force the owner to sell it to them. Mr. Burrow has informed us that this option is on the table.

For more information on impacts view the Draft Environmental Impact Report under the Conejo Creek heading at the top of this page and scroll down to Draft EIR.

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