Environmental Setting

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Conejo Creek Specific Plan EIR – 3.0 Environmental Setting

on Page 3-2 under CUMULATIVE PROJECTS it states:

“This EIR examines cumulative impacts based on a “summary of projections” of long-range General Plan buildout of the City of Camarillo, which is anticipated to occur in the year 2030. This would facilitate long-range planning consistency amongst the General Plan and the proposed Specific Plan, which also has an anticipated buildout year of 2030. The cumulative analysis includes future development that would occur under the City of Camarillo General Plan. Buildout of the General Plan would result in an approximately 5,824 residential units and 2.98 million square feet of non-residential uses in addition to existing residential and nonresidential development.

Yet, there is no list of “summary of projections” to support the approximately 5,824 residential units and 2.98 million square feet of non-residential uses expected to be built in Camarillo by 2030.

The Final EIR must include a complete listing of the proposed developments, their locations, size and estimated completions in order for the community to better understand the extent and nature of these developments within our community…and how they would perhaps duplicate or expand the Conejo Creek development proposed land uses.

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