FACT OF THE WEEK #2 Camarillo: From Rural to Urban?

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It is Up to You, Farmland and Green Fields or Rooftops and Asphalt?

From the Draft Environmental Impact Report –

Page 41.19  “When combined with future development under the General Plan, which would include up to 5,824 residential units and 2.98 million square feet of non­residential development, the Specific Plan would contribute toward creating a denser and more urban environment in Camarillo. Because the Specific Plan is located in the eastern gateway to the City via the main travel corridor, U.S. 101, it would also change the perceived character of the City from agricultural to more urban.”

Our Conejo “farmland view to the sea” to be filled with rooftops and asphalt?   Our freeways constantly filled with congestion?

“The People are the City” is the motto of Camarillo…  Your input now will determine what we become.

Share with neighbors and friends and get ready. 

What becomes of this land comes down to a vote of the City Council sometime this Spring.

From the Draft Environmental Impact Report

Page 4.1-17  “The proposed Specific Plan would change the existing rural scenic quality of the site to one of urban character (e.g., greater massing, density, building height, and paved areas, and less green space).”

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