FACT OF THE WEEK #3: Conejo Creek Wildlife Corridor

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Did you happen to read the Acorn article about the Mountain Lion Kittens?

Our local Conejo Creek is one of the few remaining undeveloped wildlife corridors offering safe passage under the 101 Freeway.

“Within the project site, Conejo and Calleguas Creeks serve as movement corridors through an otherwise predominately developed regional landscape.  In addition, Conejo Creek occurs along the western edge of a movement corridor identified by the South Coast Wildlands (Penrod et.al., 2006) as an important linkage for wildlife movement through the region.  The linkage connects Point Mugu State Park to the Tierra Rejada Valley and encompasses Conejo Mountain and Mount Clef ridge.” DEIR 4.4-9

Undeveloped creek bed corridors are critical to the movement of species, so that isolated gene pools do not lead to inbreeding.  These kittens are in fact, the second documented case of first-order inbreeding (where the father lion mates with his female offspring).

In addition, “The limited amount of connectivity between remaining natural areas and the lack of effective wildlife crossings can lead to deadly conflicts over territory and road mortalities.”

Conejo Creek Wildlife Corridor

Conejo Creek Wildlife Corridor – Click to enlarge

No matter how much the Conejo Creek Specific Plan claims it will “improve” the wildlife corridor…construction, multifamily residences, pets, lights, and noise will effectively eliminate this critical 101 under-crossing for the wildlife in our local Santa Monica Mountains.




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