Flooding/Sanitation Facility

As this picture illustrates, the Camarillo Sanitation Facility is located along the Conejo Creek (flows along the east side) inside the Conejo Creek Properties development area.  A 2 mile long, 300 foot wide bypass channel along the Conejo Creek is planned to “lift” this area out of the floodplain.

However, this project will still end up surrounded on 3 sides by 2 waterways, draining 2 large watersheds to the Pt Mugu Lagoon Estuary.  Instead of 2,500 homes constructed in a naturally occurring floodplain, a $2/mo sanitation fee already planned and approved by the City Council would protect the sanitation facility with a levee.

As a “community benefit”, this bypass channel would seem to most benefit the 5 landowners, and the developer…if approved, we residents would pay with “average daily car trips” in the tens of thousands added to our traffic congestion, increased water rates for Camrosa Water District customers, our Camarillo gateway “View to the Sea” forever filled with rooftops and asphalt and Ventura County would lose another 750 acres of prime farmland.

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