It Wasn’t Pretty, however…

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Mission Accomplished – to a certain degree.

On August 26th the City Council got an ear full…

about the drought, deelopment, and “will-serve” (new water hook-up) letters

Thanks to all those who attended the Wednesday, 8/26/15, City Council meeting!

After a dozen speakers and about 40 minutes of “interesting interaction” with the City Council…Bruce Feng, Camarillo City Manager, announced that their goal was, “Zero impacts on current customers from new hookups” and that there would be more information forthcoming in September or October.

Somehow and maybe, water impacts will be zero, but more traffic will be coming!  The City Council took this opportunity to approve yet another 129 town home project, the Comstock/Mission Oaks Town Homes.  This is adjacent to the Santa Rosa exit/off-ramp, so it will be one of the first things that you see coming into Camarillo.

Water and traffic are issues that concern and affect us all.

As shown, in the visual below,  the Oxnard and the Pleasant Valley groundwater basins are “critically over-drafted” basins:



40% of Camarillo’s water comes from this critically over-drafted Pleasant Valley basin.  This is why it is important that we, as a region, should be concerned and informed about pending new development.

City Council

Bill Little

Mike Morgan

Charlotte Craven

Kevin Kildee

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