Conejo Creek Specific Plan EIR – Section 4.12 Population and Housing

On Pg. 4.12-5 and 4.12-6

“The City of Camarillo currently has a jobs/housing ratio of 1.48:1. This ratio is incrementally “out of balance” as it falls above the Ventura Council of Governments’ recommended range of 1.1 to 1.34 jobs per household.



As shown in Table 4.12-6, the existing jobs/housing ratio of 1.48:1 would increase to 1.61:1 with implementation of the proposed Specific Plan.



Similarly, under cumulative (2030) conditions, the jobs/housing ratio would increase from 1.51:1 to 1.63:1 (refer to Table 4.127)The jobs/housing ratio would therefore remain out of balance under either condition.

Camarillo is already job “heavy”.  We have an oversupply of empty commercial and industrial buildings available already.  In addition, Oxnard will provide more than 400 acres of industrial development with the Sakioka Industrial Area being developed between Rice and Del Norte just to the north of our City.

The construction industry will soon be back to work with the build-out and completion of the 200 homes in Village at the Park…and the 1325 residential units already approved for the Springville development…not to mention, the commercial/industrial development of the 300 acre Airport North Specific Plan between Home Depot and Central.

Camarillo does not need more than 100 acres of industrial development built on our local farmland within a natural occuring floodplain area.


Conejo Creek Specific Plan EIR – Housing and Population Section

The Housing and Population section of the Conejo Creek EIR states:

Cumulative development under the General Plan, including 5,824 additional residential units and 2.98 million square feet of nonresidential development, in combination with the proposed Specific Plan, would continue to evolve the demographic character of the area. Based on the current average number of persons per household in the City (approximately 2.645 persons per household), cumulative development and the proposed Specific Plan would increase the City’s population by approximately 22,017 people beyond existing population (65,201). The current population of the City is within SCAG projections through 2010 and the increase in population of approximately 22,017 associated with both cumulative buildout combined with the proposed Specific Plan would exceed SCAG 2030 projections by 8,907 persons. Cumulative development without the proposed Specific Plan would still exceed SCAG growth forecasts in 2030 by 2,323 persons. Thus, the Specific Plan would contribute to this exceedance. Therefore, the proposed Specific Plan’s contribution to population impacts would be cumulatively considerable.

The proposed Conejo Creek development would actually overbuild our community.  We do not need to develop our local farmland prematurely and unnecessarily.

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