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 Wants city to slow development 

March 28, 2014


This letter is in regard to the March 14 article “Council sets goals for future.”

While there are many worthy objectives noted in the City Council’s 2014-15 goals and objectives, there is a significant difference from last year.

Under the Land Use and Transportation goal for 2013-14 there were four separate objectives. For 2014-15 there are none.

Yet 48 separate development projects are underway for 2014-15.

The community development report for January 2014 lists the following: 24 industrial, commercial and institutional projects totaling 1.5 million square feet of development and 24 residential projects totaling 2,800 housing units.

Our community’s land use and transportation will certainly be impacted by this volume of development.

It will mean more expensive water. Drought conditions have been both extended and severe. Our aquifer is being depleted. The wells supplying our drinking water are being affected by salinity. A proposed desalter plant costing $50 million is decades away.

This volume of development will make traffic worse. Already jammed, our 101 Freeway corridor is projected to be the worst level of service, “F,” within 15 years.

Why then are over 2,800 housing units “in the pipeline” and another 2,500 proposed when our community is facing such critical, long-term issues?

Why has the city hired two more planners in order for these projects to proceed sooner, rather than later?

Why and for what “community benefit” has the City Council authorized this volume of development at this point in time?

Camarillo Sustainable Growth has requested an explanation.

The residents of Camarillo deserve an answer.

-Merrill Berge, Camarillo


 Wants to show council the door

April 4, 2014

Re: “Wants city to slow development,” March 28.

The Camarillo City Council and staff have done much worse than the writer addresses. Not only have they not listed any goals (such as “Protect green belts”) under “Land Use and Transportation” for this year, over the past few years they have been systematically dismantling any language in the General Plan and its land use elements that might protect our quality of life and/or be restrictive or hinder any development.

Key words have been dropped, language revised and sections eliminated. It all seems to be part of a pattern—clear the way for yet more development.

I guess some people like that. The City Council has loudly patted itself on the back over all the development that they have already authorized, and which is waiting in the wings to begin construction.

Soon they will be considering adding to that a zoning change for the ag land and approval of the associated Conejo Creek project. I, for one, don’t think that’s a good thing. Do you?

The 101 is jammed right now. There are no effective mitigations available for that. Adding a lot more homes to the area is not going to help. Putting houses and industrial buildings on top of ag land will not make the city a more beautiful place. Encouraging developers to encroach into the Military Influence Area around the naval base will not win friends with the county’s largest employer. This has got to stop.

There is an election in November. Either incumbents need to have a dramatic change of heart, and say so publicly, or we need some new faces on the City Council. It’s time for a change. Tell others.

-Tad Dougherty, Camarillo


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