101 Freeway Corridor

If the Conejo Creek Properties project is approved, the only farmland left to be seen along the 101 will be the mile between the Central and Del Norte exits:

In addition to the Springville overpass development (1400 homes and 330 acres of retail/commercial development) in the strawberry fields below Spanish Hills…moving up the 101 are more already-approved developments in the works:

Sakioka Farms – between Del Norte and Rice Rd. on the 430 acres of agricultural land on the ocean side of the 101 (across from Santa Claus).  The City of Oxnard has approved a massive industrial research and development development.  This link to a VC Star article notes the more than 78,000 average daily car trips to be generated by this development (see paragraph 9) http://www.vcstar.com/news/2012/jun/13/oxnard-council-approves-sakioka-farms-project/ 

Wagon Wheel Redevelopment – at the corner of the 101 and Oxnard Blvd. The proposed renovation development, dubbed Oxnard Village, calls for 1,500 homes, including two 25-floor apartment towers, affordable housing, a transportation center and office space.

River Park – 101 frontage along the Santa Clara River and Vineyard Blvd toward Central Ave. Large retail area (Target, REI, Whole Foods) still not completed and standing empty.  2,500 homes total, only half built-out at this point.

Santa Paula – East Area 1 development.  1,500 homes along the Santa Clara river.


See Chart of the 101 Corridor to view the chat of the approved and proposed developments along the Freeway


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