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Congratulations to Bill Little and Kevin Kildee

As members of the City Council they will be voting to approve, or not approve, the proposed Conejo Creek development this coming Spring, 2013.  3 out of the 5 council members will decide what our Camarillo community will become in the near future.

Both candidates expressed “major, major concerns” about the Conejo Creek Environmental Impact Report (EIR)…but with the vote being 6 months away, it is important that the Planning Commission and the City Council members continue to hear from you.

Our Camarillo City Motto:  “The People are the City” 

Next Hearing: Tuesday, Dec. 4th @ 7:30pm in the City Hall Council Chambers

The first Hearing had an overflow crowd…another extra-large crowd would send a serious message.

Thank-you for all your support!!

Speaking of which, we so appreciate your response to our fund raising appeal.  Your contributions make these ongoing communications and our continuing research possible.   They also help to pay off our debt to the experts and legal team who submitted a 120 page Comment Letter on our behalf during the first Planning Commission hearing.  Hit the Donate button to help the effort!

Next Newsletter topic:                                                                                                                                       What is the new Springville area along our 101 corridor (north of Las Posas) going to look like?

  • 3-story 375 unit Apartment Complex
  • 3-story 163 unit Condominiums
  • Pictures and plans



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