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Before the bulldozers surprise us on the South end of town, please get involved and help us let everyone know about the Conejo Creek Properties housing development  at the bottom of the Conejo Grade (at 2,500 units it will be more than twice the size of Village at the Park).  Click here to read more details or go to the Conejo Creek heading at the top of the papge.

1.  We need volunteers to act as neighborhood contacts.  This is an extremely vital role that anyone can play.  Even with sending emails and newsletters, there will be many people who will not be familiar with the details of this project and not aware of how it will impact their lives in terms of:
~ traffic
~ reduced home values
~ loss of prime agricultural land and our beautiful view-to-the-sea gateway into Camarillo

We will provide the materials…we just need a few key people in each neighborhood to walk and leave flyers/notices on doorsteps.  Its a great way to meet your neighbors!

2.  Let us know if you would like to organize a small gathering of friends and neighbors for a short presentation…where maps and facts can be shared and questions can be answered.

3.  Fill out our Contact form and in the message section note your neighborhood.  If you have any particular expertise or interest please let us know.

Remember the Camarillo City Motto:  “The People are the City
What do we want to become, Camarillo . . . berms and buildings from end-to-end?


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