What happened at the Hearing?

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Naval Base Ventura County – topic of the Hearing

Here you can see why…

300 acres of the Conejo Creek development are within the Military Influence Area buffer zone, and adjacent to the Runway 21 inbound flight path

A personal letter from retired Commander Capt. Mc Hugh was presented to the Commissioners.  This letter outlined the importance of the Base to our area…the 19,000 employees and the $1.9 Billion NBVC pumps into our economy through subcontractors and supply acquisitions…and the key role encroachment prevention plays in keeping our Base viable, especially with Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) anticipated, due to military budget cuts.  Click here to read the letter.

Other speaker topics included:

~ growth of CSUCI (eventually to be 15,000 students and nearly that many in staff/support personnel) not addressed in EIR

~ businesses and people leaving CA – is a large development like this a risky long-term commitment considering the future outlook for the State?

~ Camarillo Springs access and public safety issues – large contingency from the Save Our Springs group represented

~ The line everyone will remember: “Adolpho Camarillo should be riding a house, not a horse, in that city logo!

Special thanks to the 350 + residents who attended this Hearing

REMEMBER: It is up to each one of us…your participation through this series of Hearings is so very important in determining the future of our community.

Next Hearing to be held Feb. 19, 2013…when the comments received will be addressed in the Final EIR.

Read the Camarillo Star coverage of the Hearing here.


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